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Physics Equipment

Among all the leading Physics Equipment Manufacturers, we hold a distinguished status because of the matchless quality of our equipments. We have established ourselves as a praiseworthy Physics Lab Equipment Exporter. There is hardly any Physics Equipment that is not provided by us. Our collection of physics equipments consists of barometer, voltmeter, galvanometer, physics apparatus, resistance coils, physics models, magnetic compass etc. We invite you to choose Physics Lab Equipment of your choice, we ensure you that the prices that we offer are very reasonable.


Our Magnetic Compasses are very valuable device that are used for measuring direction. We use superior quality magnetic needles so that our Magnetic Compass provides very accurate results. Reasonable prices what we offer for our Magnetic Rings; makes them easily purchasable.

Code No.: P-783C
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Meter Bridge 'Insif' Or Wheatstone Bridge (Expo) with Sunmica Top.

Code No.: P - 792B

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting world class Meter Bridges. The Meter Bridges that we provide are manufactured by skilled technicians by using very fine quality materials. The

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Decade Condenser Boxes

Code No.: P-709B

We provide very good quality Decade Condenser Box that has been manufactured by using very advanced technology. Each piece of our Decade Condenser Box is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets all the technical specifications and

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A large variety of Magnet Rings can be purchased from us. It can be used in various types of applications. Magnetic Rings what we provide; are very accurate and durable. These nominally priced Magnetic Rings can be used for direction sensing, speed control and counting purposes.

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We provide very sensitive Magnetic Needles that are most important component of a magnetic compass. We are acting as a one stop destination for superior quality Magnetic Needles from last 50 years. So feel free to purchase our Magnetic Needles that are not only long lasting but cost effective too.
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We have been in the manufacturing of superior quality Voltameter for the last 50 years. We are Manufacturing and Exporting Voltameters that are applicable in the process of electrolyzing i.e. to split water in oxygen and hydrogen. We use very advanced technology to manufacture these Volatmeters that are not

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We are known for providing good quality Barometers that are used for measuring atmospheric pressure. Our Barometers provide very accurate results and can be used for variety of applications. These long lasting Barometers can be purchased at very competitive prices from us.

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Galvanometer Exporter

We provide optimum quality Galvanometers that are electromechanical devices used for measuring electric current. Our Galvanometers are very sensitive instruments that can accurately measure even very electric current. In order to provide complete satisfaction to our customers we offer very attractive prices for our

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